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здесь выкладываем интервью с Аароном  :flag:


Vicky Mirish : 2009


1.) When did you meet Aaron? How?
  I met Aaron through our VP Traci who invited him to a HK game about 6 years ago. He was 16 at the time. That's why his jersey is #16, because that's how old he was when he became a Hollywood Knight! Since then, he's played at dozens of HK games and has traveled all over the world with us for various charitable and goodwill causes.

2.) What is your favorite memory of Aaron?
  There are so many great memories of Aaron that it's hard to pinpoint just one. But since we've just completed a USO Tour to Hawaii and he was one of the stars on our team, I do have one memory that stands out. We visited a USO office and dozens of his fans were waiting outside to greet him as our van pulled up. He was so gracious to each and every one of them. He actually hugged and lifted them up off the ground, literally swept them off their feet! I have photos of it. They were absolutely in awe of the entire experience. It was wonderful to watch him truly connect with his fans and do something special for them.

3.) What is it like spending a day with him?
  Fun and unpredictable! He has tons of energy and there's always a smile on his face. If a song comes into his head (and that happens often), he'll just start singing accappella right there. If there's a piano around, Aaron will find it, and then the next 30 minutes will become a mini Aaron concert for anyone who is lucky enough to be in the room. On the USO Tour, during some down time, we spent hours just listening to music and talking about life, relationships, career, current events, you name it!

4. Is he any good at basketball?
  He's actually a really good ball player!

5.) If you could give one piece of advice to Aaron, what would it be?
  Come to more Hollywood Knights games!!!

6.) What do you most admire about Aaron?
  He is an amazing musician, songwriter, producer, and of course singer. His love for music means everything to him and it's an honor to know someone who is so talented.

7.) Where do you see him in 10 years?
  Fulfilling all of his dreams!

Вы здесь » The forum Of Aaron Carter *Great Star* » Инфо AC » Интервью